💻Database Endpoints

The database endpoints can be difficult to understand and use so this section will jump deep into how certain endpoints will be used.

What is this used for?

This section was mainly geared towards BotGhost users that wanted a bit of extra storage without having to have a premium account but can be used by any developer of a bot to use as a storage place for their variables. It can hold many variables and you can call it as much as you'd like without worrying about using it too much throughout the month!

Where can I see my variables?

Variables can be seen or created at https://dashboard.charm-cord.com. Once there you must log in (by clicking the discord logo on the site) before you can see or edit any variables as to keep them secure

What are the limitations?

When it comes to the database's limitations, it's a bit similar to BotGhost as it costs money to keep the project up and running along with having limited storage. What's different is that you can only have 30 total variables as of right now but unlimited calls to the storage to grab/edit/delete variables.

Where can I start?

What are you waiting for?? You can go to the next page to start the tutorial on how the endpoints are meant to be used! ✨

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