When to use CharmCord Database?

In order to use the same piece of information for another command in a different command tree, that information needs to be saved somewhere so that it can be retrieved later.

Keeping a piece of information for later use or across commands.

In a command tree, any information set by a variable during the command will only last for as long as the command is still happening, like short term memory.

Custom variables allow multiple commands to access that same information even after the command is done, like long term memory.

For example, you might want a Custom Event to execute actions based on functions set by a Custom Command.

You can use Charmcord custom variables instead of any existing BotGhost custom variables to save on data calls.

You can use CharmCord custom variables for...

Keeping track of server members
  • Warns / mutes / member misconduct

  • Invites (e.g. how many invites someone has made)

  • Member verification

For members who left the server and rejoined, you can even use custom variables to set up Sticky Roles for a previous member which is especially handy for server moderators and members attempting to evade a penalized role.

Setting channels with unique features
  • Whitelisted / Blacklisted channels

  • Starboard

  • Leaderboard

  • Sticky messages

  • Counting (e.g. confessions, number of entries)

Fun activities
  • Economy (currency, shop items, inventory list, user items)

  • Server events (e.g. giveaways, games, movie lists)

  • Bookmark / Roleplay (e.g. DND progress, names)

  • Polls

and so on!

Custom variables are a way to allow your bot to carry out more personalized commands that suit the unique needs of your server.

Learn more about variables here. You can create variables via the CharmCord dashboard or through API endpoints specified at the bottom of this page.

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