This page will describe how to create, edit, and delete variables

What is a variable?

Variables, if you are new to them, are containers (think like a box) that hold in a specified value for later use. In our case, we have 3 different types of variables you can currently create.

You will notice that you only have 30 variables you can use, this is due to the fact that we're still in beta testing and we will attempt at slightly raising the amount in the future

Creating a User/Server variable will NOT give the variable to a specific user/person from that point forward. If you want to edit a specific person's or server's variable, you will have to use the api endpoint for it on it's respective page.

CharmCord Variable Dashboard

Global Variables

Global Variables are variables that are not attached to a specific person or server. They are a way to have a variable such as a command count that doesn't change because of server or user commands/events.

User Variables

Next, We have User Variables. User variables are meant to be user specific variables. They require a user ID when being edited for a specific discord user. An example of a user variable could be a "money" variable to keep track of how much money a user has for your economy commands.

Server Variables

Lastly, we have server variables. This type of variable is just like the user variable but instead of being linked to a specific user, it'll be linked to a specific server!

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